Tpd Compliance

All vaping products on our website fully comply with TPD regulations. Below we explain more on the TPD regulations, what they are and what they mean for vapers.

What is TPD?

TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) was created by the EU to regulate tobacco products. The TPD regulates on how they're are advertised and how they can be sold legally to consumers. It was created to increase health protection and awareness on tobacco products. The TPD covers tobacco production, retail sales and manufacture sales. This includes where they can be sold, how they are displayed and sold in retail shops and how the packaging looks like.

The TPD applies to all tobacco products including cigarettes, rolling tobacco, cigars and vaping products. The TPD regulations make sure ingredients are tested before being allowed to be resold to consumers.

Why does to apply to vaping?

The TPD class all vaping products as tobacco related products, even though vaping eliquids and products don't contain tobacco leaf. Nicotine used in E-liquid is distilled from the tobacco plant and therefore classed as a tobacco product.

When did it come into effect?

Tobacco Products Directive was established in 2014. End of may 2016 it became law. All vaping retailers had to sell non-complaint stock before this date came around. Some brands before this date are no longer available.

What are the regulations/how does it apply to vaping?

There is a few regulations that effect vaping products. Most of which effects the size of e-liquid containing nicotine and how e-liquids are to be sold. The main change on e-cigarette products was the products labelling. Below we have listed the main regulations for vaping products;

  • All E-cigarettes and E-liquids must be submitted to the MHRA for approval before they can be sold.
  • Packaging on vaping products must indicate that the product contains nicotine and is a highly addictive substance.
  • products must not contain taurine or caffiene
  • The highest strength nicotine product you can get is 20mg.
  • The maximum bottle size for a nicotine containing product is 10ml.
  • E-cigarette tanks and disposable products can only contain a maximum volume of 2ml.


What are mister vape doing to be compliant?

Mister Vape International follow all the guidelines set out by the TPD and make sure all vaping products we supply are all TPD complaint.

All E-liquids that contain nicotine are only sold in bottles in a maximum size of 10ml. If you are looking for bigger bottles of E-liquid, you can now use shortfills. These are larger bottles of E-liquid usually in 60ml or 120ml bottles which have enough room for 1 or 2 nicotine shots to comply with the TPD regulations.

All E-liquids that are sold on Mister Vape have been submitted to the MHRA for approval and have all the relevant certifications complaint with TPD regulations.

If you have any questions regarding TPD or would like to chat with one of our team members, you can do so via our live chat on our website.