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Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

How exactly is vaping more beneficial than smoking? How can it work to improve your lifestyle? Let’s take a look.
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Smoking can cause plenty of harm to your body. If you are looking for ways to quit and stop smoking, you should consider vaping to help you out. Not only is it less addictive but also less harmful to your health as compared to smoking tobacco-based cigarettes.

How exactly is vaping more beneficial than smoking? How can it work to improve your lifestyle? Let’s take a look.


Fewer Toxic Elements

Tobacco, found abundantly in cigarettes, has a lot of toxic elements that can cause you and others around you harm, particularly carbon monoxide which can have adverse impacts on your lungs.

In comparison, vaping uses e-liquids that are made from a fixed number of elements that include nicotine, flavours and a base made from glycerin. These make vaping a much safer choice.

However, this does not mean that vaping is completely harmless. However, it is definitely a step up from smoking.

Adjustable Nicotine Levels

A similarity between smoking and vaping is that both utilise nicotine in their composition. However, when it comes to cigarettes, there is a fixed amount of nicotine content.

This is where vaping has a clear advantage as the e-liquids can come in varying nicotine levels that you can choose from. Additionally, you also have the choice of how much liquid you pour in, the vaping method you opt for and how often you vape, among other considerations.

This gives you more flexibility, allowing you to gradually reduce nicotine consumption as well.

Similar Experience

One concern frequent smokers tend to have about vaping is that it will dampen the experience. However, both vaping and smoking offer you a similar experience.

You can not only experience similar tastes but also a similar method that involves vapour and exhalation. This is not that far apart from smoking, so you might not feel the difference significantly at all.

Further, it also allows you to have a social experience. For this reason, it becomes easier to quit smoking and resort to vaping.

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Fewer Stains and Smells

Tobacco-based cigarettes tend to leave behind lots of stains on your clothes, fabric, walls and on your teeth as well. They also emit odours that tend to stick to your body and mouth, making them overt and conspicuous.

On the other hand, the vapour emitted from vaping is much easier to get rid of. It tends to break apart extremely quickly. Since it comes from e-liquids, it does not stick around as much as cigarette smoke once you exhale it out.

More Flavours

There are a lot more flavours and options available to you when it comes to vaping as compared to smoking. Smoking tends to limit you to tobacco flavours, whereas vaping can let you choose from a bunch of flavours that can be fruity, minty, fresh, sweet on top of the tobacco flavour.

This makes vaping a lot more palatable to your own tastes and preferences. You can select any flavour that you prefer and even try out new flavours.

Road to Quitting

Vaping is highly beneficial in comparison to smoking due to the absence of tobacco content. This is one of the main reasons for people to quit smoking. Vaping provides you with a pathway to gradually quit smoking.

Since it still contains nicotine, you will still be able to experience a less harmful nicotine rush. Further, being able to control your tobacco content will also be of benefit to you as you can keep reducing the amount. In fact, vaping has shown to speed up the quitting process.

Lower Cost

Overall, vaping is a lot cheaper and affordable as compared to smoking. If you are a frequent or heavy smoker, you might be frustrated at having to spend thousands of dollars every year to facilitate your smoking requirements.

With vaping, however, the costs are reduced as you only need to buy your device and its accessories along with the e-liquid bottles and coils. This will allow you to reduce how much you are spending from thousands to hundreds of dollars each year.

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Health Benefits

While vaping is not completely harmless, it certainly offers several health benefits to you as it seeks to reduce the dangerous impacts of smoking. These harmful effects are mainly due to the presence of tobacco.

Vaping gets rid of these to a considerable extent and can help reduce high blood pressure, improve immunity, respiration, lung capacity and more in a short time period.

Soon enough, you will no longer find yourself troubled by the dangers of smoking.

Less Harmful Smoke

The smoke or vapour that is emitted from vaping after you exhale is a lot less harmful as compared to smoke from cigarettes. This is due to the lower amount of harmful and toxic chemicals in this vapour.

While this has obvious impacts on your own health, it also makes it much less harmful for the people around you. Thus, the dangerous second-hand smoke inhalation that takes place from smoking is reduced by a great extent in vaping. This can ensure health longevity for you as well as your loved ones.

Environmental Benefits

As we have mentioned, vaping produces less harmful smoke that is devoid of carbon monoxide that cigarettes tend to produce. This improves the impact on the environment as well, allowing for fewer toxic emissions.

Further, they reduce the potential fire hazards as well. Since they run on e-liquids and can be refilled instead of being entirely replaced each time, they can also lead to lesser amounts of waste.

Final Remarks

That brings us to the end of this article. You are now well aware of all the benefits that vaping can have as compared to smoking. These benefits not only apply to you but also extend to the people around you, along with the environment.

What’s more, they also allow you to try out new flavours while reducing the consumption of tobacco. This makes it a great way to eventually quit smoking completely. You can also control the nicotine content that you take in.

So, go ahead and make the switch from smoking to vaping and witness the improvements in your life.